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Kinematics & Controls Corporation manufactures "point" type liquid level sensors, controllers and sight gages for industrial, sanitary and military applications. "Point" type liquid level sensors act as electronic "On"/"Off" switches, and answer the question, "Is there liquid at this point in a process vessel?" They differ from "continuous" type level sensors, which act as gages, and answer the question, "How much liquid is there in the process vessel?" Our products serve all of the process industries, as well as offering low-cost, custom design solutions for O.E.M.'s. Technologies include optoelectronic, fiber-optic, conductivity, thermal and magnetic float switch types.

Sanitary Level Sensors
Sanitary styles in one-piece Polysulfone, Polymethypentene, 316 Stainless w/Quartz or w/Polysulfone optics, All voltages from 5-28 VDC.
Industrial Level Sensors
Industrial styles are offered in one piece Polysulfone, Brass or 316 Stainless w/Quartz optics, and Brass or 316 Stainless w/Polysulfone optics. All voltages from 5-28 VDC.
Sight Gages
Industrial style, single & multi-point sight gages are offered in a variety of materials & standard pipe threads. Custom designs upon request.
Discrimitating Level Sensors
Used primarily as leak detectors, these devices combine the technologies of optoelectronics and conductivity to discriminate between non-conductive and conductive fluids such as hydrocarbons & water. Industrial styles only!
Sight Glasses
Sanitary style, Polysulfone sight glasses for food and pharmaceutical applications. Tri-Clamp compatable faces. Available in sizes from 1/2" to 4.0". Steam autoclavable.
Thermal Level Sensors
Thermistor technology, primarily for low-cost, O.E.M. applications.Small size, Sanitary or Industrial styles.
Magnetic Float Switches
Small size, low-cost, magnetically operated, Polypropylene or Kynar (P.V.D.F.) float switches. N.O. or N.C. operation. Models for vertical or horizontal mounting. Contact ratings up to 1.5 Amp. @ 24 VDC.
Fiber Optic Level Sensors
Industrial style, fiber-optic level sensors are used whenever an application calls for a sensor of very small physical size, or where intrinsic safety concerns drive the selection process. Standard, as well as custom designs are offered in all materials.
Military Sensors
We supply a variety of liquid level sensing solutions for military applications. Among the list of current military products which we manufacture, we number fuel level sensors that are part of the smoke generators aboard Abrams tanks and Humvee combat vehicles; liquid presence sensors integral to the Patriot missile launch system; and, engine coolant liquid level sensors on U.S.Army, electrical field generator sets.
Smart-Bloc Controllers
Compact, microprocessor-based, D.I.N. rail-mounting liquid level controllers accept the analog input signals of Kinematics' remote-type, optoelectronic sensors, and provide robust, dry contact relay outputs required to operate real-world devices such as pumps and valves. Smart algorithmsmonitor and report sensor faults. Sixteen user-configurable modes.
Smart-Board Controller
An open-board, microprocessor-based liquid level controller. Accepts the inputs of up to four (4) discreet optoelectronic level sensors, and provides a variety of user selectable, D.I.P. switch-configurable outputs, including "PUMP-UP" or "PUMP-DOWN" modes of operation.
Battery-Operated High-Level Alarm
A battery-operated drum alarm, used for monitoring high liquid levels in vessels where chemicals or other liquids are collected or stored. An alarm warns against overfills and potential spills of liquid chemicals or waste. No wiring is required.
Custom Designed Sensors
Our strongest suit, by far. From miniature level detectors, to sensors for ultra high purity microelectronics fabs, over 70% of our annual sales volume is in custom level switches, sensors and sensor related controls. All custom products are designed and built to the exact requirements of our customers. We enjoy success in this area first, because we love to solve problems. Second, we fully understand the need to respond quickly with detailed proposal drawings, quotations and prototypes, and we are totally committed to doing it. Third, we always listen carefully, to insure that we tailor the product you require, exactly to your needs.
Control Panels
Just tell us what you need and we'll deliver the whole package! Annunciator panel? Control panel? Stainless Steel? NEMA 4? NEMA 12? We can do it! Whether the system will utilize our components or not, we can engineer and build your system better and faster than you may have thought possible.