Vibratory Feeders & Pedestal-Mounted Funnels

Often there are applications where our fillers can deliver accurate/repeatable doses of a customer’s product quite easily, but the mouth opening of the vessel or container into which the dose must be delivered is too small to accept the required dose directly from the filling gun. There are only three (3) possible solutions to this problem:

  1. To dose the charge directly into the container in multiple, partial doses using a filling gun with an O.D. small enough to fit into the mouth opening of the chosen vessel.
  2. To dose the total charge into a static, pedestal-mounted funnel. The full charge must be able to fit into the upper chamber of the funnel, and, the powder must be free-flowing enough to be able to flow unaided completely through it into the bottle.
  3. To dose the required full charge into the upper end of a dynamic, vibratory feeder w/pedestal-mounted funnel. Again, the full charge must be able to fit into the upper chamber of the feeder. However, the powder need not necessarily be free-flowing for it to feed into and through the funnel and into the bottle. Most times, this can be a painfully slow process, but often it may be the only solution.
Pedestal Mounted Funnels

Vibratory Feeders