Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Kinematics & Controls Corporation is certified and registered by NSF-ISRĀ® to the internationally recognized ISO9001/AS9100 quality management standard. View Certificates

AS9100 is a unified quality management standard, recognized & used worldwide by the defense and aerospace industries. The AS9100 standard takes the entire and better known ISO9001 requirements for quality management and adds more extensive requirements established by the defense & aerospace industries in order to satisfy the quality management requirements of DOD, NASA and FAA.

The official AS9100 designation is, “AS9100 Quality Management Systems, Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations”.

Today’s defense and aerospace contractors are moving ever increasingly toward requiring their subcontractors and suppliers to be AS9100 certified. In addition to its commercial line of products, Kinematics & Controls Corporation supplies a significant number of sensors to the defense industry. The company decision to seek and achieve AS9100 certification was obvious, and, in fact, mandated.

The mark is a recognizable badge of industry respect. By its adherence to the AS9100 standards, Kinematics & Controls Corporation derives a significant benefit from the improved processes and continuous improvement that is the foundation of the ISO9001 standard.