6400/MG Liquid Filler


  • Low-cost
  • Simple to operate
  • Dispenses all non-viscous fluids
  • Microliters to ounces
  • ± 0.25% repeat accuracy
  • Automatic or semi-automatic operation
  • Easy clean-up
  • Suitable for laboratory or production
  • Time/gravity filling principal
  • Drip-free shutoff
  • Small size, modular assenbly
  • Solid-state timing and controls
  • Touch pad programming
  • Dual pressure controls and gauges
  • “Start”, “Abort” and “Continuous Flow” pushbuttons
  • Alternate footswitch “Start”
  • Adjustable container platform with centering block
  • Non-intrusive, solenoid-operated pinch valve
  • “End-of-fill” output signal
  • Multiple fill head option

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Dimensions, Weights and Electrical Specifications

Size & Weight (Unpackaged)
Fill Controller: 9″W x 8″D x 4″H, 8.0 Lb.
Refill Controller: 9″W x 8″D x 4″H, 4.0 Lb.
Pedestal & Dose Valve Ass’y: 8″W x 9″D x 18″H, 14.0 Lb.
Accessories: 6″W x 8″D x 10″H, 6.0 Lb.
Packaged for shipment: 18″W x 18″D x 18″H, 38.0 Lb.

Input Voltage: 110-120V / 60Hz (220-240V / 50Hz available)
Power Required: 30 VA
Input Air: 40-60 PSI, 5 Micron Filtered
Multiple Fill Heads
With the addition of a custom fill head manifold, the filler will support of to six simultaneous fills
Digital Time Control
Standard Range: 00.01-99.99 SEC. (Others Programmable)
Setting Accuracy: -+.05% of setting (.050 Sec. max.)
Repeat Accuracy: -+0.001% of setting (0.35 Sec. max.)

Pressure Control
Dual panel mounted regulators and indicating gages.

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Versatile, Accurate, Low-Cost

Kinematics, Series 6400-MG, bench-top liquid fillers are designed to grow with your needs. The fill controller supports both “semi-automatic”, and “fully-automatic” modes of operation. So you can buy it today for a specific task, and reconfigure it tomorrow for any number of other applications, including any that might require fully-automatic operation. It is accurate enough to deliver precise amounts of pharmaceutical substances or diagnostic reagents, yet substantially low enough in cost to be affordable by even the most budget conscious operation.

Filling Principle

Series 6400-MG fillers are “Time/Gravity” fillers. Fillers of this design are inherently simple, trouble-free and easy to maintain. The key to their dose accuracy lies in the degree to which the fill controller is able to maintain the system variables of “time” and liquid “pressure” constant. Good control of these variables results in a filler of extremely close accuracy and repeatability. The Series 6400-MG fill controller combines the finest, “state-of-the-art” digital electronic timing and liquid level controls available today. Liquid pressure is maintained to -+ 0.1″ water (-+ .004 PSI). The result is a precision filler with performance capability rivaling that of may higher priced machines.

Wide Range of Fill Sizes

The Series 6400-MG fill controller can accurately dispense doses of any size, from fractions of a milliliter to several ounces. This is the inherent beauty of Time/Gravity fillers. By using gravity as a constant pressure source, the magnitude of the delivered dose for any given time interval is solely a function of the size of the liquid delivery lines and the dose valves. Fill requiring small doses are sized with small valves and lines. The fill controller is always the same.

Dual Operating Modes

The mode 6400-MG fill controller allows precision timed filling of liquids in both semi-automatic and fully-automatic operating modes. In the semi-automatic mode of operation, an operator is required to start the fill cycle manually or by the actuation of a foot pedal. The timer stops the fill automatically after the programmed fill time has elapsed.
In the automatic mode, the “start-fill” signal is supplied by an external limit switch which is part of the customer’s conveyor or an indexing table, or as a relay signal from a programmable controller. The switch closure indicates that a container is present and that the fill cycle can commence. At the completion of the timed fill, the fill control console will supply a second switch closure signal to the external controller to all the container indexing device to cycle.

Ordering Information

Series 6400-MB fillers are shipped complete with all air lines, fill nozzles, cables and controls necessary to accomplish a wide range of fills. Simply choose a bulk liquid pressure tank or suitable refill pump and you’re in business! There is nothing further to buy. Kinematics specification sheet on bulk liquid pressure tanks for tank options are available.


All equipment described herein is warranted to the original purchaser for thirteen months from the date of purchase to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, but not against damages caused by misuse, abrasion, corrosion, negligence, accident, faulty installation, or by dispensing material incompatible with the equipment. When the equipment is installed and operated in accordance with factory recommendations and instructions, Kinematics & Controls Corporation will repair or replace free of charge, any part of the equipment found to be defective, upon prepaid return of the part to the factory during the warranty period. In no event shall any liability or obligation of Kinematics arising from this warranty exceed the purchase price of the equipment. All other warranties, whether expressed, implied or statutory such as warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby excluded and disclaimed to the extent that they exceed the warranties expressly granted in this clause. In no event shall Kinematics be liable for consequential or incidental damages.